— Teaching Material

Teaching Material for Open Strategy Educators

We are passionate educators. Hence, it will not come as a surprise, that we brought our ideas into the classroom.

The material we provide has been tested in Dartmouth College, Warwick Business School, and the University of Innsbruck. We have also used parts of it when engaging with executives in the US, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The course follows the structure of the book.

It’s simple: download and start teaching!

If you have problems to downloading the files (the slides are quite big), you can also access them on Google Drive following this link: DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE DRIVE

— Course Outline 

— PowerPoint Slides 

The slides follow the structure of the book with each slide pack covering one (or two) chapters. You will also see that we provide additional information you might find helpful when covering this in class in the slide notes.

1. Introduction

2. Traditional Strategy Come Undone

3. Are You Ready for Open Strategy

4. Designing Your Open Strategy Process

5. Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd

6. Peer Into the Future

7. Disrupt Yourself Before Others Do

8. Develop Killer Business Model

9. Use the Crowd to Develop Better Strategies

10. Execute Better

    If you just want to add one session on open strategy to a course, check these ones out:

    — Exercises 

    To create engaging classroom sessions, we developed a series of exercises. We decided to shy away from lengthy case studies. Shorter exercises worked better for us. Here we explain how you can set up these exercises.

    — Additional Material 

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